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1960 Strat, 68 Super Reverb, 93 Caprice lowrider wagon... Mike's road gear.
Mike Milligan:

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Shaun Milligan:

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Robert Cook:

Mike uses primarily Fender Stratocasters  new and old. The one pictured below is a custom Warmoth, modeled after Stevie Ray Vaughan's and Chris Duarte's  Hamiltone Lurktamer, built for  Mike on his 25th birthday. The Inlay was done by talented luthier and  amplifier guru, Bob Breitung, of Muncie, Indiana.  Mike uses SIT Strings made in Akron, OH, and CALLAHAM Stainless Steel custom tremelo arms,VA.
The amps hardly ever change...2, 1968 Fender Super Reverbs (tops), 2, Fender Custom Vibrasonics (bottoms), Marshall 100 watt Super Lead/4x12 cabinet (left). Sometimes the Fender Vibratone/Leslie is hauled out.
Hughes and Kettner Rotosphere, Chicago Iron Ocatvian, TS808, S&S Manly Beast.Klone, Vox Clyde McCoy Wah...That's not a speedometer in the upper left corner. It's a clock!  Timing is Everything! Mike also uses Fulltone Deja Vibe, TS808 reissue, Analog Man Sun Face NKT275, and Bob Breitung custom BOBTAVIA
1968 Fender Vibratone
1968 Vibratone Cabinet.
Powered by 1965 Bassman head.
Rotating drum around  10 in speaker. Creates an organ/chorus/tremolo effect...GONE TO AUSTIN, GOOD DAYS, TIMING IS EVERYTHING.....
1997 Custom. Warmoth Custom Shop body and neck. Inlay by Bob Breitung, Muncie, IN.
Since 1993